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Found of list of movies about cartoonists. Half of these are terrible

Michael Caine in “The Hand”
Brendan Fraser in “Monkeybone”
Jack Lemmon in “How to Murder Your Wife”
James Urbaniak as Crumb in “American Splendor”
Ben Affleck in “Chasing Amy”
Jamie Kennedy in “Son of the Mask”
Gabriel Byrne in “Cool World”
Ted Knight in “Too Close for Comfort”
Bob Newhart in “Bob”
Leah Thompson in “Caroline in the City”
Jeffrey Combs in “Cellar Dweller”
Tom Green in “Freddy Got Fingered”
Dean Martin in “Artists and Models”
Bob Hope in “That Certain Feeling”
Adolph Green in “I Want to Go Home” (written by Jules Feiffer, real-life cartoonist)
Jeffrey Jones in “The People Next Door”
Jerry O’Connell in “Tomcats”
Steve Gutenberg in “Three Men and a Baby”
Steve Gutenberg in “Don’t Tell her It’s Me”

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